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I, Omega - Kari Gregg The style and the pace of this story are what really make it. The story is very fast-paced; it starts out running and doesn't really slow down. The entire time, Gabriel is scared, overwhelmed, confused, and the reader feels all of that alongside him, since we only know what Gabriel knows and that's not really much. Though our view of him is limited, I really like Cal; that he cares is never in doubt, and I think a lot of writers with a premise like this would have a hard time conveying that without constantly telling me that was the case, and this book shows me without any problems (I also like Cal isn't perfect, and makes mistakes).

I was at first disappointed the book starts where it does, but honestly as fast-paced as it is I can see why it does. So too the number of sex scenes. Normally I get bored when a book is just one sex scene after another, but here it works, just because of what's going and happening to Gabriel.

I meant to read a little bit of this before I went to bed, but absolutely could not stop reading.

It would be cool to see more books in this world, just for the chance to see Gabriel & Cal several months/years from now (and more of the world, because it's interesting and I'd like to see more of it). Personally, I vote for Burke, but I'll settle for Jake :3