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The Jade Prince - L. Shannon I loved the idea of this book, and all the more once I started reading it and realized the exact bargain that Cal strikes with Jade. It has a whole making a deal with Hyde to protect Jekyll vibe, and I totally love that. The author was carrying it off, too.

But then it stopped, with so many things left unanswered and a whole lot of story to go. I have no issue whatsoever with cliffhanger endings. Some of my favorite stories end with you wanting more. But there's a difference between leaving the reader wanting more, and leaving the reader feeling cheated, and unfortunately I think this book is the latter. I admit when I bought it, I wondered how the author would carry the premise off in 6k, but I was more than willing to find out.

If it ever gets expanded into a longer story, I will be first in line to read it. As is, I feel like I bought an excerpt, which is just too bad. If the story had just started with the gift giving, and then gone on a few more pages from where it stops, I think it would have been more solid a short.

This premise really would shine as a long piece, and I really really hope it will be someday. That would kick so much ass.