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Bound for the Forest - Kay Berrisford This book was a lot of fun, one of the things I most look for in the books I read. The characters meet with a bang and never really learn how to get along without more bangs, take that as you will :3 I love it when there are honest to god sparks. Chars that get along and all are fine and fun in their own way, but it's the stubborn ones that clash and clash until they don't that are always my favorite.

Loved the world building as well--it's an historical setting, but you're only given a small taste of that, really, because the book is more about a world that has never moved forward like the rest. The author does an amazing job building that lost world, too. It did not come off silly or contrived, which is my usual fear with these sorts of settings.

Favorite parts: scaring the intruders, and the dancing scene later. The scaring was hilarious and the hot; the dancing was just beautiful and sensual and perfect.

Excellent book, can't wait to read more by this author ^__^