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Catching Kit - Kay Berrisford
I have been looking forward to this one since I first heard about it, and it does not disappoint ^__^ I like the take on Elves, and I adore Kit (and where he got his name :3). Denny was my fav though, a guy who seems a little lost and a lot lonely, with nothing quite working the way he wishes it would. Then Kit comes along and messes it all up further, and yet it all comes together in the end.

I was surprised by the daughter, and liked that she was there (if not on screen) and he obviously loves her, but the book was not overtaken by that. I really really liked that the mother turned out not to be yet another Evil Bitch Ex, and that she was happy for him.

This book could so easily have been turned into a forever-long series, and I really fucking love that it wasn't.

Loved the cross-dressing thing. Poor Denny, always so alone and buying pretty things, but feeling like it's always going to be a solo show. I felt so bad for him, but now he has Kit :D

This book was cute, sweet, hot, and fun. I continue to love the Lady Kay to death ^__^