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There were small bits of this book that I liked, but overall too much just kept throwing me out.

One, the case makes absolutely no sense to me. First and foremost, if the business wasn't even registered in that state then it wouldn't have been there case. Anything crossing states lines like that would belong to the FBI. And they would have known that before sending in an undercover; there is no way they would have only figured out after a painfully contrived meeting between the undercover officer and the business head that the business wasn't even registered in state. That kind of thing takes five minutes to figure out. The case never would have belonged to them. I'm still not clear why they needed a local state trooper to look for evidence of tax evasion. Obviously they already knew (or thought they did) that he was guilty of it, so they probably had enough evidence to examine the books. I could very well be wrong, I'm hardly an expert, but the whole thing seemed rocky and dubious enough it kept throwing me out of the story. Not once was I ever sold on the case--and the whole thing wrapped up so neatly and easily, it was a disappointment. The whole thing seemed like one big letdown.

Two, it's upsetting that through the entire book, not once does anyone consider the idea of bisexuality. It's just a non thing. They were straight, and now they're gay. Yet again the concept of bisexuality is just completely ignored.

Three, I never felt any chemistry between the partners. I honestly though Brandt and Nick had more of a thing going, I had to go back and find the book blurb to make sure I wasn't misremembering who the couple was meant to be.

I did like Brandt's breakdown after his live performance ... but then they both recovered and moved on to sexy times so quickly, it was just one more letdown.